If you’ve decided to finally choose to transform yourself or your young ones, choosing the best martial arts classes in Dubai is your next struggle.

Martial art is an art form that can prove to be a very healthy and worthy addition to your life. To save yourself from doing a ton of research. We’re sharing few insights on how Shotokan Karate Club can offer you the best Martial arts classes in Dubai.

The first question that pops out is on what exactly what you wish to get out of your martial arts training?

Here’s few pointers that could help you decide

Our range of rejuvenating classes promote overall health and well-being and are designed for dedicated students who seek to learn competitive skills through intense and traditional training. Amongst countless benefits gained through regular training, the most evident are:

Get in Shape – Martial is not just an art of fighting, rather it helps you maintain a fit body with some intense and vigorous exercise and training sessions.

Make new friends – If you thought a regular martial arts class would be all about your fighting skills. Think again. Shotokan karate Club offers you an all-round development coupled with activities such as yoga, fitness, painting and swimming to make sure you meet new people, interact and make new friends.

Self-esteem -  With the world moving fast it takes very less for people to eventually lose their self-esteem and build a feeling of inferiority. We help you gain that back. Our panel of expert instructors ensure that you get your chance to showcase your skills with the best support from them. We don’t only work on your physic but we make sure your training ends with a better you.

Self Confidence - Developing self-confidence is not an option in the current curb of competitive world. It is mandatory. We are here to do just that. Our training curriculum works on helping you develop your self-confidence.

Have fun -  Not to forget, your time is valuable and each training session we work to make it fun filled as you grow your skills with fun.

Shotokan Karate Club UAE Providing the best Martial Arts classes in Dubai

What makes classes from us, the best Martial arts classes in Dubai?

Shotokan Karate Club is an Internationally recognized organization, established in the year 2011 in Dubai, UAE. We are a member of the renowned Japan Karate Association, Tokyo, Japan. Our organization is approved by the UAE Ministry of Youth & Sports and the UAE Karate Federation.

Shotokan karate, the art of empty hand fighting, is a traditional style of Japanese karate founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi in the early 20th century. Shotokan karate is scientifically proven to provide aerobic, anaerobic, callisthenic and isometric exercise via systematic training.

Remember; you’ll also be receiving a diploma at the end from Japan Karate Association, Tokyo, Japan.